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Senior Warden Report January 2012

by Ken Luebbering last modified Thu Feb 02 11:07 AM

by Dennis Belcher

Grace’s Generosity Extends Our Mission Efforts


Because of the generosity of the members of Grace Church, the mission activities of the church will be increased in 2012.  As everyone is aware, we have a close and fruitful relationship with the Salvation Army.  One of the major activities in which we participate is the monthly Salvation Army meal.  Because of the increases in pledges, we have been able to increase the budgetary allocation to support these meals from $500 to $1000 per year.  The preparation of the monthly meal at the Salvation Army is a very rewarding activity and I urge anyone who has not participated in this to please contact Vicki Myers to schedule a time.  You won’t regret it.


The 2012 Stewardship pledges made it possible for us to contribute $2500 to support the Old Town Community Center in east Jefferson City.  Hopefully, everyone is now aware this is the new Vestry Initiative for mission in 2012.  The Rev. Chris Dumas, United Methodist Church, spoke to the members of Grace Church at our thanksgiving breakfast on November 20.  Rev. Dumas explained the process and efforts of getting this project moving forward.  Grace Church is working with the First United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Central United Church of Christ to support this mission effort.  We have a faithful group of Grace Parishioners who are working on the details of our effort.  We are also hopeful that a grant will be approved which will double our financial contribution.


In addition to these two mission activities, the Rector’s Discretionary Fund will also be modestly increased in 2012.  The Rector’s Discretionary Fund is a charitable fund which is used for a variety of outreach items for our community, e.g., offering assistance with electric bills, heating costs, and assisting stranded people to reach their destination.  Finally, we will be able to make a contribution to the Episcopal Church Millennium Development Goals in 2012.  It was very disappointing for many that we were unable to contribute to these goals in 2011 due to our financial situation. 


While not a mission effort, the sexton’s hours will be increased to fifteen hours a week in 2012. 


I want to thank everyone who was able to complete and return your pledge card.  The generosity of Grace Church’s members makes it possible to carry Christ’s message into our local and global community.