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Salvation Army Dinners

by Ken Luebbering last modified Thu Dec 08 10:52 AM

by Vicki Myers

2011 is coming to an end, and we have had a successful year serving the Salvation Army residents the third Sunday of each month.  Individual families and their helpers hosted meals each month except for September when the Community Ministry Committee hosted a barbecue for the residents and members of Grace Church.  The Belchers are hosting in December and Carol Robertson in January.  I am now planning for the rest of 2012.  Please volunteer and contact me about which month you would like to host.  If you have never hosted, I can pair you with one of our experienced families so you can learn the ropes.  Karyn Williams and I hosted in October, and we served approximately 60 persons.  We served baked chicken, rice, and broccoli.  Others have served ham, pasta dishes, meat loaf, fried chicken, tacos, etc.  I can assure you it is an easy and enjoyable experience.  I want to thank all that have participated in this ministry and encourage others to join us in 2012 as we fulfill our mission to feed the hungry. 


I also am soliciting someone who might be interested in preparing a cookbook of recipes for dishes to serve large groups such as the Salvation Army.  Those of us that have participated in cooking for the Salvation Army as well as others who are used to serving large groups could share their recipes.  This cookbook will make it easier for those persons as they determine what menus to prepare for the Salvation Army dinners.  If anyone is willing to take on that task, please contact me at 291-0244.