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Kitchen Pantry

by Ken Luebbering last modified Tue May 01 11:27 AM

by DJ Nash

Cathy Libey, Suzanne Richter, and DJ Nash gave the pantry a much needed “spring” cleaning recently and hopefully made it more accessible for those hosting coffee hours.  If you notice something is in short supply, please let DJ know at 636-8558 or at


Also, hostesses/hosts for coffee hours are greatly appreciated.  However, if you have leftovers, please do not leave them; but if you feel compelled to do so, please label them with the stickers on the refrigerator door so that there is a sense of how long they have been in the refrigerator, especially beverages.  A suggestion:  if you have liter bottles that are less than a third full, think about disposing of the contents and putting the containers in the recycle bin; they seem to multiply inordinately quickly.


The dishtowel/dishrag drawers were purged though it may be hard to tell; they still tend to overflow!  After using either, please leave them on the towel rack or the sink or take them home to launder.  Either way is splendid!


This is YOUR kitchen; everyone reporting shortages or helping keep it neat makes it more user-friendly.