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It's Not Just about the Money

by Ken Luebbering last modified Tue May 01 11:34 AM

by Harry Richter, Stewardship Team co-chair

There was a time when the Stewardship Committee functioned only in the fall in order to conduct the every member canvass.  Those days are history.  In the last few years, the committee has evolved into one of year round activity encouraging us to reflect on how we use all of our gifts.  The “team,” as it is now called, has encouraged us to examine how we use and contribute our time and talents as well.  It has conducted several study series, primarily in Advent and Lent.


In honor of “Earth Day” two adult forum presentations were made as we looked at how the choices we make impact the environment and how we might modify those choices in order help preserve that environment for future generations.  We have encouraged recycling both at the church and in our homes.


Some of the proposals being considered by the team are an energy audit to see if there might be additional ways of preventing waste in our use of purchased energy as well as looking at alternative energy sources for the long range.


So, you see, it’s not just about the money.  Stay tuned!